First time transferring child into the KidWalk

  1. Take client's measurements
  2.  Adjust seat height
  3. Adjust the load compensating spring
  4. Adjust hip support width and depth
  5. Adjust lateral chest system width and depth
  6. Place client into KidWalk
  7. Fine tune hip width and depth
  8. Fine tune chest width and depth
  9. Fine tune seat height
  10. Adjust mast angle
  • Set the Wheel locks.

  • Make certain the seat height is set to one inch shorter than the child’s inseam

  • Measure chest and hip width and set pads to fit child

  • Flip up the Anterior Chest and Pelvic Pads

  • Transfer child onto seat assuring the pelvis touches the back of the sacral pad

  • Flip down the Anterior Chest and Pelvic Pads

  • Secure safety strap buckles on the pelvic and chest pads

  • Unlock the wheels

How to safely transfer a child into the KidWalk

      How to safely remove the child from the KidWalk

  • Set the Wheel locks

  • Squeeze the sides of the buckles on the front pads on hip assembly (and lateral chest system if used) to release

  • Rotate the front pads upward and outward to allow clearance to exit

  • Remove any other restraint  ( Leg Wraps, Body Wraps, Leg Straps, if applicable)

  • Lift child forward and out of unit

      After removing child:

  • Make sure all screws are tight

  • Make sure that all components are still with the system

  • Locate and properly store any removable parts ( Leg Wraps, Leg Straps, etc.)

  • Store the KidWalk out of the elements

  • Wipe off any spilled fluids or food

  • Inspect all moving parts

  • Notify your dealer of any item that you see that does not look right

  • Due to all of the moving parts on the KidWalk and the dynamics of the system a regular visual and hand inspection is recommended