Safety Precautions

(From Prime Engineering KidWalk Manual)

Annual Product Inspection

It is recommended that each KidWalk should be subject to detailed inspection at least once a year and every time the product is reissued for use. This inspection should be carried out by a technically competent person who has been trained in the use of the product and should include the following checks as a minimum requirement.

  1. Verify that the seat height adjustment mechanism is locking securely
  2. Check the mast secures to the base frame and the pin moves freely into the locked position
  3. Verify that all knobs, nuts, bolts, plastic buckles and Velcro are in place and have any missing items replaced
  4. Lift the base to check each wheel individually. Make sure they are moving freely and remove any dirt from the rubber wheels.
  5. Check that the brakes lock the wheels fully
  6. Make sure that the nuts and bolts are tight and secure on all of the components
  7. Check that the mast tilt adjustment mechanism is working correctly
  8. Maintain a written record of all product inspections. If there is any doubt of the continued safe usability of you KidWalk or if any parts should fail, cease using the product immediately and contact Prime Engineering customer service department or your local dealer as soon as possible.
  • Anti-tips must be installed and used at all times

  • Anti-tips must be properly adjusted to the correct position matching the large wheels

  • Anti-tips should be matched in their location to the axle position on the KidWalk

  • KidWalk is not intended to carry the full weight of the client on the seat as a chair; transport or other type of activity device other than a gait trainer

  • All safety straps must be fastened while client is in unit

  • Never transport the client in the KidWalk

  • Mast lock must be secure

  • Wheel locks must be properly adjusted with large wheels

  • Make sure that all adjustment knobs are secure

  • Do not over tighten hip width

  • Never leave a client unattended while using the KidWalk

  • The KidWalk contains components which could present a choking hazard to small children. Always check that locking knobs and bolts within the child's reach are tightened and secure at all times.

  • Make sure that the axle has fully engaged and will not pull out and that the large wheels are secure

  • Do not use the KidWalk as a bouncing device

  • Additional or added items must be manufactured or approved by Prime Engineering before use on the KidWalk

  • Annually Inspect KidWalk (See below)