Most KidWalk's are ordered and sized to meet the needs of a specific individual. Before reissuing a KidWalk the therapist prescribing the product should have carried out an equipment compatibility check for the new client and has ensured that the product being re-issued contains no modifications or special attachments. The actual components of the current unit should also be verified as to the correct fit for the new client as well.

  • A detailed technical inspection should be carried on the product prior to re-issuing. This should be carried out by a technically competent person who has been trained in the use and inspection of the product.

  • Ensure the product has been cleaned thoroughly

  • Ensure a copy of the Owner's Manual is supplied with the product. If one is not with the unit you can find the manual in PDF format at


  • A written record should be maintained of any and all product inspections and changes done during any reissue of the KidWalk

  • If any doubt to the continued safe use of your KidWalk or if any parts should fail, please cease using it immediately and contact our customer service department or your local dealer as soon as possible

Reissuing the KidWalk for a Different Client