Dynamic Leg Wraps

These adjustable leg wraps are at times the most contributing success factor for a child's ambulation, especially from one that suffers from hip and knee flexion contractures.

Anti-tips instead of casters, lessens rolling resistance and allows the KidWalk to go over door thresholds as well as a lawn where small casters would prevent rolling. Anti-Tips give the client the assurance that they will be safe from tipping forward.

Large Mid-Wheels

Mid-wheel design encourages rotation of the upper body over the pelvis while turning. Just like a manual wheelchair the majority of the weight is over the large wheel allowing for easy maneuverability and a small turning radius. Large mid wheel can be used for maneuvering; the child can hold one wheel while stepping forward to assist in turning, push the wheel backwards to back up or hold the wheel to slow down turn or stop. Having large mid-line wheels on the KidWalk allows to have anti-tips in front which makes it more functional over uneven outdoor surfaces like playgrounds, sidewalks and over a lawn. Three axle positions for the large wheels, allows for best axle position and mid-wheel alignment for the child.

Dynamic vertical movement allows for stepping phase

Push Handle 

The push handle allows for other people to help assist the user if needed. Moving or motoring the child around in the KidWalk helps to develop those first successful steps. 

The KidWalk unique patented features include:

  • Large Mid-Wheels
  • Weight Shift
  • Self Centering Swivel Seat
  • Auto Centering Pelvic Support System
  • Anti-Tips
  • All adjustments can be made while in Use
  • Adjustable Vertical Spring
  • Dynamic Leg Wraps
  • Push Handle (for motoring)
  • Hands Free with Minimal hardware in front of unit

The KidWalk is hands free with minimal hardware in front of unit 

This allows for the child to access objects and interact with the environment around them.  Being able to interact with their environment without having to use hard or arm prompts allows for so much more freedom.

KidWalk Features

Adjustable Vertical Spring

This allows the for proper vertical spring height and resistance adjustment that allows for a more natural gait pattern, especially in conjunction with weight-shift and pivoting seat.

The KidWalk encourages a young child to achieve developmental activities like reaching, touching, pushing, pulling, opening and closing drawers, carrying, throwing, catching, playing chase and hide and seek.

All children need highly maneuverable, hands free, self initiated mobility to EXPLORE, DISCOVER and ACCESS the indoor environment, where they spend 80% of their day, for experiential learning and to augment development.

Chris Wright-Ott

Weight Shift

The weight shift mechanism encourages a more desirable natural gait pattern during ambulation, especially in conjunction with the swivel seat and vertical spring actions. The weight shift also allows work on balance and motor development during therapy.

Self-Centering Swivel Seat

The seat swivels side-to-side moving out of the way to encourage reciprocal leg movements.

Adjustable while in Use

These features allows the KidWalk to be easily adjusted for maximum functionality. While in the KidWalk the child can be positioned higher or lower. The pelvic and trunk support can be adjusted as well as the adjustments for width, depth and the self centering pelvic unit. The tilting mechanism allows for a slight backward tilt for standing upright or a slight forward tilt for ambulation. The headrest can also be positioned up, down, forward and back.

Dynamic lateral movement allows for weight shift

Auto Centering Pelvic Support System

Auto centering pelvic support system helps insure the pelvic alignment with trunk and legs. When held firmly against hips the KidWalk will turn in the direction of the user making it hands free device.