It's important to take the proper measurements of the child to get best match of size and components needed for best functionality

Important Client Measurements:

A: Chest Width ______" B: Chest Depth ______" C: Hip Width_____"

D: Hip Depth ______"  E: Inseam_____" F: Top of Inseam to Axilla_____"

G: Height _____"  H: Weight_____#

Note: All measurements assume symmetrical posture.

By taking these measurements you can cross reference with the chart to be sure you get the best match for your child

KidWalk II: Is best for kids ages 5-12 and who are less than 90lbs. An custom brace/frame which is longer and wider can be added to the KidWalk II which can support kids up to 110 lbs.(shown)

Which size is right for my kid?

Do not order a Size II for growth for a young child.

NOTE:  If size 2 is provided to a small child, the pelvis and trunk supports will not fit snugly, which is required to “steer” the KidWalk, and the larger frame will be more difficult to maneuver indoors.

A tall, narrow user may fit a Size 1 positioning unit on a Size 2 base.

Sometimes it is ideal to mismatch accessory sizes

for the KidWalk to best fit the client

Custom frame that is longer and wider with a additional support arm.

KidWalk I:Is best for kids between the ages of 1-7 who are less than 65 lbs

This child is too small for the size 2 KidWalk.  Note the gap behind his trunk because the size 2 cannot adjust short enough in depth for his narrow trunk to support him upright.