What Therapists like about the KidWalk

  • Meets the physical & developmental needs of users, especially young children

  • Compliments therapy goals

  • Hands free mobility, allows children to easily access the environment

  • Lateral weight shift during ambulation allows for natural gait movement

  • Weight-shift mechanism allows work on balance and motor development during therapy

  • Auto centering pelvic guides align the trunk, pelvis and legs

  • High degree of maneuverability over indoor surfaces like carpets and door thresholds

  • Small turning radius for indoors

  • Anti-tips allows safer use over obstacles

  • Mid-wheel design encourages rotation of the upper body over the pelvis while turning

  • All pads swing up for easy placement of client into the KidWalk

  • Positioning equipment and height easily adjustable while in use

  • Easily adjusted for several clients

  • Prone angle adjustment while child is in walker

  • Tool free adjustability

  • Extends play and therapy time

Standing enables eye contact with peers and helps establish social contacts and awareness

    “ Experiencing self initiated hands free mobility on a daily basis not only positively affects development of the upper body, range of movements, eye hand coordination, vision, spatial awareness, problem solving and cognitive function, it also has a direct affect on encouraging communicative interaction with siblings and peers.”

                              Christine Wright-Ott, MPA, OTR/L  -     Principle Investigator NIDRR TOTWalker Project

Therapist Like KidWalk Accessory Options such as:

(look at accessory page for more details about options)

  •  Upper Body Support

  •  Upper Body Support Wrap

  •  Range of head supports

  •  Various seat sizes

  •  Optional leg straps

  •  Optional leg wraps

  •  Extended hip pads

  •  Anti-rollback device

  •  Directional wheel lock

It is important to provide opportunities for self initiated mobility as early as possible for the greatest impact on development. 

Benefits seen from kids using the KidWalk include

  • Encourages balance, strength, and weight bearing

  • Help achieve natural gait

  • Self initiated ambulation

  • Increase in shoulder and arm movements

  • More vocalization

  • Longer naps and sleeping through the night

  • More peer interaction

  • More independence

  • Increased motor skills and balance

  • Overall happier disposition

Studies have demonstrated that children with disabilities, who achieve self initiated mobility at an early age to EXPLORE & DISCOVER their environment, benefit in many developmental areas, particularly spatial cognition.

Hands free design allows active an independent exploration

Standing/Walking contributes to improved vital functions, such as digestion, blood circulation, respiration, and increase in bone density.

Weight Shift helps with natural gait patterns,  motor skills and balance

Helps promote and train musculature and hip extension and upright pelvic position

KidWalk Benefits

Large wheels promotes rotation of upper body above pelvis an for easy maneuverability