Anti Rollback Device


Custom Frames

Description:  Frame height, width, length and support arm can be made to your specifications if mechanically feasible.

Function: To better support or help the functionality of users with specific needs.

Contact Prime Engineering for these optional considerations. PHONE: 800-827-8263    FAX: 800-800-3355

Upper Body Support Options

• Upper Body Lateral Support System

• Upper Body Soft Support Wrap

Headrest Options

• Headrests (varying sizes)

• Headrest Tube Mount

• i2i Flip Down Headrest

Frame Options

• Cruiser Wheels
• Sliding Ankle Prompts
• Directional Caster Locks
• Custom Frames

Wheel Options

• Anti-Rollback Device
• Spoke Wheels
• Spoke Protectors

• 10" Wheels

Upper Body Soft Support Wrap

Second Support Arm For Larger Frame

Leg Straps

Description: Soft but rigid material with Velcro closure.

Function: Leg Straps are attached to the seat and when secured around the leg may reduce leg abduction for some children.

Note: These are not dynamic like the Leg Wraps and if fastened too tightly may interfere with leg movement.

Extended Hip Laterals:

Description: Lateral Pads which are extended on the sides, which help with pelvic/leg alignment.Pads can be ordered to custom sizes and shapes (Standard on 5"-7" Depth)

Function: Can help minimize a wide based gait to assist with pelvic/leg alignment. Good to help children with extraneous movements during ambulation and extensor posturing of the pelvis. 

Directional Locks

Spoke Wheels

i2i Flip down Headrest Mount

Description: Stealth product that can be used in conjunction with headrests

Function: Flips headrest out of way for easy transfer of child into KidWalk

Anti Rollback Device

Description: Anti Rollbacks when put on the wheels, do not let the wheels move backwards, thus not letting the user move backwards.  Anti-rollbacks attach to the caster plate and are easily engaged and disengaged.

Function:  In the engaged position they allow the large mid-wheels to move in a forward direction only. Engaging the anti-rollbacks prohibits the KidWalk from moving backward.

Note: The anti roll backs will reduce a user’s maneuverability & therefore independence since moving backwards is a necessary function and most users if positioned properly will not need this.

Cruiser Wheels

Description:  20" Spoke Wheels and Spoke Protectors (For KidWalk I), 24" Spoke Wheels and Spoke Protectors (For KidWalk II).

10” Wheels: These are available if there is a preference to not touching the large wheel.  It also helps to lower the seat height and slows down the unit. Not as functional in most cases so be sure before ordering.

Function: The spoke wheels are a little lighter than the standard mag wheel, which can aid a user that has low tone. Some people prefer the spoke wheels because they can view the user better. Spoke Protectors cover the spokes to keep fingers and  other objects out of the spoke wheels.

Headrests and Headrest Mounts

Descriptions: Small Head-pad for minimal support, small or medium contoured headrests for more support are also available. Other desired types of either headrests or mounts are available, contact for quote.

Function: Helps children who do not have adequate control of neck and head, This helps children face forward and keep head upright.

Short 4" Length

Extended Seat

Sliding Ankle Prompts

Description: Ankle Prompts are cuffs that slide along a rod which mounts to the caster plate and the anti tip bars. The cuff is fastened around the child’s ankles or wrapped around the slide rod when not in use.

Function: The ankle prompts may assist in maintaining alignment of the child’s legs during ambulation if the child’s ankles tend to cross. However, minimizing leg adduction with an extended seat is preferred.

Directional Locks

Description: Caster Anti-Swivel Locks attach to the KidWalk caster housing and keep the casters from rotating.This will prevent the user from veering on a straight path but limits maneuverability if not unlocked for other times.

Function: With the Locks engaged, the child cannot swerve or turn, forcing a straight direction, thereby making long distance, straight forward mobility more efficient as when moving on a path or in a hallway.

Cautionary Note: The user will not be able to turn when these are engaged, which may cause frustration if the child is trying to maneuver to a location.

Spoke Wheels and Spoke Protectors

Long 8" Length

Extended Seat


Upper Body Support Options

Lateral Chest System

Description: The Upper Body Lateral Chest System includes: Lateral Side Supports, swing away Anterior Chest Pads and a Back Support Pad. Anterior Chest Pads swing up for transfers and down to provide support around the upper body. It is mounted on the vertical mast and provides support around the trunk. Can be ordered for size KidWalk I and II, look at clinical considerations to see what size may work best.

Function: The Lateral Chest System is an option designed to provide support to the upper body for users who lack adequate control in the trunk and head when standing or moving. The Upper Body Support adjusts for growth and changes in development.  As the child gains more balance and control the lateral chest system can be loosened, lowered or removed.

Head Pad

Lateral Chest System

Dynamic Leg Wraps

Leg Straps

Frame Options

Medium 6" Length

Extended Seat

Cruiser Wheels

Description: Cruiser Casters are similar to the back casters on the KidWalk, and are used for a four caster configuration.   The Front  Anti Tips and large mid wheel are removed and replaced with the Cruiser Casters.

Function: Cruiser Casters are intended for very young infants/toddlers (under age 3) to encourage cruising for hip abduction (side-ward movement like a crab), but only on smooth indoor surfaces. It may make it more difficult for a child to get to a desired direction and does not work on carpet or uneven surfaces.

Note:When Cruiser Casters are replaced with the front anti-tips and the large mid wheel.  This allows for sideways movement or  “crab walking” or “cruising” on smooth surfaces only. 


Does the client need upper body chest support?
Children who can sit independently and have upper body control and balance (cerebral palsy with diplegia or hemiplegia may not need the Upper Body Support System. They can depend on just the Pelvic Support Unit, but may benefit from placing the Pelvic Support Unit up higher on the pelvis or use the Upper Body Dynamic Support Wrap initially.

Headrest Mount

Upper Body Soft Support Wrap

Description: The Upper Body Dynamic Support Wrap is a semi flexible support system with a Velcro closure. Constructed of flexible foam and fabric with molded foam stiffeners, it is attached to the vertical mast and is height adjustable.

Function: The semi-flexible support system allows for bending forward and reaching, ideal for children who have the trunk balance to sit independently and who do not require a rigid Upper Body Support System. Also gives some children more comfort and support, like a hug. Can be replace on  lower back pelvic pad support and  will provide additional support for users who have a tendency to thrust the pelvis into extension.

Accessories for the KidWalk are available to help assist users with the KidWalk and may add more functionality


Extended Hip Laterals

i2i Flip Down Headrest Mount

Dynamic Leg Wraps:

Description: The leg wrap is made from an adjustable stretchable fabric and an adjustable leg cuff with Velcro closure, which is wrapped around the child's leg above the knee and attached to the mast.

Function: Dynamic Leg Wraps assist in maintaining leg alignment, and minimizes hip and knee flexion contractures, caused by long periods of sitting. They provide propeoperceptive sensory feedback for the users legs. Leg Wraps can be adjusted to reduce overstepping.

How to Use: Place a Leg Wrap around each leg, preferably just above the knee, while the child is aligned, standing. Secure the wrap around the posts of the vertical mast.  The Leg Wraps can be adjusted individually by loosening or tightening the Velcro closure for best positioning needed to reduce overstepping or helping with contractures.

Lower Extremity Positioning Options
• Extended Hip Pads
• Dynamic Leg Wraps

Seat Options
• Wide Seats
• Extended Seat
• Leg Straps

 To learn more about how and why you would use certain accessories look at the

Medium Contoured Headrest

KidWalk Accessory Options

Sliding Ankle Prompts

Spoke Protectors

Wheel Options

Extended Seat:

Description: Longer/lower sides of seat vary from short (4" length), Medium (6" Length) or Long (8" Length). Can also be made in custom lengths and depths for specific needs.

Function:Option used to prevent leg adduction scissoring or crossing during ambulation.

Contoured Small Headrest

Wide Seat:

Description:Wider standard seat.

Function:The wider seat may help a child with more support and comfort